Though you may have known some of the finest kept secrets of beauty from your mommy, other common tips of beauty available can just be old wives tales only. Having the knowledge of appropriate advice of beauty, you can kick to the curb, and it is a must for looking young.

  1. 1. Vaseline prevents wrinkles

Vaseline does have conditioning advantages for your skin and can aid in removal of makeup. Lotions help decrease the presence of fine lines. It delivers a good resistance between your skin and the elements without destructing the appearance or health of your skin though also retaining its moisture in. Though, topical managements comprising of retinol act best for prevention of wrinkle.

2. Shaving makes hair grow back thicker

The actual act of cutting may make the appearance of hair thicker for a minimum time. The shaft of a human hair is like a pencil or projectile that flames at the end. So when a shaver slices away the tip, it might look as if the remaining hair, and following growth, is blacker or thicker than it was previously the cut. That little hair, hanging straight up from their glands, may even appear rougher. But slicing away part of the hair does not naturally alter anything about that process of regrowth. The pointed hair you had is the hair you will get again. If you shave your hair, it tends to grow back heavier, rougher, or blacker. This is a mutual belief. According to research, it has been found that shaving doesn’t disturb the degree of growth of hair or thickness of hair— but hairs that are shorter may seem to be more progressive due to the raceway of hair is frequently denser than the fine trimmings.

3. Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks

Probably, everyone has heard the tale of wives that using cocoa butter on your tummy all through pregnancy will stop marks of stretching. Unluckily, this shared tip of beauty is too a myth. According to another research, it has been found that cocoa butter does not avoid marks of stretching or decrease the harshness of them.

4. Toothpaste gets rid of pimples

You might have overheard about from your mother that tapping toothpaste on pimples is the useful tip of home remedy for beauty. Despite the fact that tapping toothpaste on pimples may lead your skin to dry out, it likewise reasons your skin to become exasperated and even inflamed. It is advisable not to tap toothpaste on acne — rather than this. Apply prescriptions containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid if you intend to stay away from pimples,

5. Prenatal vitamins make your hair grow faster

Most of the women experience rapid growth of hair and greater than before thickness of hair all through the pregnancy. Nonetheless, this is because of fluctuations of hormone, not vitamins taken prenatal. Even though it is a fact that inadequacy of specific nutrients can tend to loss of hair. Supplements of multivitamin aid in the prevention of deficiencies of nutrient.


Debunking Five Beauty Myths Told By Our Mothers