Most of the teens these days spend their time sitting on the couch watching movies or playing in I pads. Here in this article, we are going to tell you how to get your teen go for exercise or any outdoor activity. Here are a few ways:

  1. Support them

Yes, your teen needs support in every positive thing they do. If they have started jogging or going for exercise, always support them. Help them join a league or a team, meet their team members. If they feel they you are enthusiastic about their participation in these activities, they will get encouragement and probably would do participate in more activities in future. This eventually will help them achieve a positive approach towards life and a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Be prepared for change

Our teenagers are going through a lot simply because they are in their teens. They might be handling a lot of issues within themselves, for example, peer pressure, drugs, the pressure of studies, hormones, physical changes in the body. Our teens may find physical activity as a chore if they are not encouraged enough or if they do not find it enjoyable. They may drift their attention and energies to something else. Teenage is a time of self-discovery, but this will pass too quickly. We as parents should keep them encourage and support them in every positive activity.

  1. Encourage them not to give up

Your teenager might take up some activities that take some time to be an expert on that. Your task is to encourage them in whatever positive activity they opt to do. Make your teen realize that no one is perfect the very first day, they have to practice a skill a lot in order to achieve perfection and for that never give up. Giving up will only make them discouraged from trying and exploring new things.

  1. Make it a team effort

Your child might have grown taller than you, but they surely need your time and attention. There are some activities they want to do with you. They might not say it openly to you, but they do want to make their swimming classes more fun with you or play a football match with you. Encourage them and spend time with them. After all, it’s all about family time together.

  1. Be sneaky

Well, you don’t need to make a strict schedule for your teen in order for them to exercise. You can inculcate activities like mowing the lawn, washing car and walking dog to help them get going with their work ut routine and help them stay active. You can also give them some home chores that involve moving around the house or doing grocery. This will also promote physical activity.

  1. Provide them a place to go

Give them the opportunity to join a club or something for the activity they enjoy. Encourage your teen to join a gym or dancing classes. This will keep them active and healthy. Plus it will make their social life more productive and enjoyable. You as a parent would also feel secure and safe as to where your child is spending his or her time.